Construction Security Guard(Deposit)



公司亦提供 24小時控制室、巡邏隊、閉路電視監察、按實時報更制度管理。
除了建築地盤保安服務外,還提供包括: 提供商業大樓保安、住宅物業管理、特別活動場地保安、展覽保安、工業大廈保安、地盤工地保安、酒店保安、VIP 保鑣、航運/車站保安服務。
The security team has established and equipped high-quality security facilities and hired efficient security personnel to ensure that relevant security policies are strictly implemented throughout the entire stage. All security guards have valid security personnel licenses, basic security service certificates and safety cards.
Optional 24-hour security service
Security personnel are professionally trained and wear uniforms.
The company also provides 24-hour control rooms, patrol teams, closed-circuit television monitoring, and real-time reporting system management.
In addition to construction site security services, we also provide: commercial building security, residential property management, special event venue security, exhibition security, industrial building security, construction site security, hotel security, VIP bodyguards, shipping/station security services.