Security guard service (deposit)



我們擁有已接受保安管理訓練的專業人員、以及有保安管理豐富經驗的專業團隊。 憑藉對行內專業及市場的認知,我們不僅提供保安服務,並且給予客戶提供全面保安解決方案。

多年經營至今,專業護衞的格言“有信心及有策劃的面對挑戰”,可緊貼變幻無常的市場及切合客戶高規格的需求。 所以專業護衞 在多年來已取得多份有代表性及重要的保安服務合約,同步也得到不同客戶的認同及獎項。

由公司指派、物業及寫字樓的固定保安員,提供24小時服務及全面看守你們的資產。 我們致力提供度身定訂造及相宜價錢的保安服務。除此,我們亦提供突發臨時保安及項目保安服務。
We have professionals who have received security management training and a professional team with extensive experience in security management. Relying on our professional and market knowledge in the industry, we not only provide security services, but also provide customers with comprehensive security solutions.

After many years of operation, the motto of professional escorts is "Facing challenges with confidence and planning", which can keep up with the ever-changing market and meet the high-standard needs of customers. Therefore, professional security has obtained many representative and important security service contracts over the years, and has also received recognition and awards from different customers.

Fixed security guards assigned by the company, properties and office buildings provide 24-hour service and comprehensive guarding of your assets. We are committed to providing tailor-made and affordable security services. In addition, we also provide emergency temporary security and project security services.